December 14, 2009

How much will you spend as a volunteer? Program costs and other issues.

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read How much will you spend as a volunteer? Program costs and other issues there.

Here is a rough break down of what I spent volunteering for eleven months in Ghana in 2005. I didn’t keep perfect records of all my weekend trips, but I know from my bank records that this total is very close (+/- about 5%) of what I spent that year (not including London). As you can see, my major expenses were airfare, volunteer fees, food and travel in Ghana. Most volunteers spend an average of one-three months on their project. If you’re coming from the US or UK, your airfare will be less expensive than mine (I hope!). Fees will be less and, of course, food, travel and transport would be less because mine are for 11 months, not 3. The downloadable PDF will show my budget by line item. I also created a simple current 3 month budget as a guide for anyone planning to visit for that duration.

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