December 21, 2009

Insider's Guide: Two More Warning Signs

We have a new site where you can read every article from This is Ghana--in a much more organised fashion--and download the free Insider's Guide to Volunteering.

Two More Key Warning Signs to look out for:

Warning sign: To “qualify” you must send some expensive item first, such as a lap top, camera, or a huge sum of money unrelated to the program.
Solution: Don’t even reply to this and find another program.

Warning sign: The organisation has posted project reports on their site, but when you ask about them, they don’t answer the question.
Solution: Scan their reports and names of people who worked on them. Guess what? Sometimes they post fake reports. If it’s something for the UN, for example, find the contact at the UN (it should be listed in a report) and email them. Ask if the project really happened.

We're just about there. Ready to go on the download.

These and many other tips—22 pages actually—are included in the Insider’s Guide to Volunteering. We’re releasing it next week—just in time for Christmas. Sign up by email in the top right hand corner (it takes 3 minutes) if you’d like to be informed the moment it’s available to download and be truly empowered before making a decision. In January, we’ll be starting a series of how you can make a difference in lives of people less fortunate, at home in your own country, or anywhere in the world, from home. Look out for the too.

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