February 2, 2010

Update: Insider's Guide to Ghana

We're cracking on the final legs now...

Here's a list of more of the stuff in the guide:
  • The best hotels, in their price range, across the country, with a focus on those outside the mainstream and those that are lesser known, but excellent value for money.
  • At least 3 transport options per regional capital with all departure times and prices, and a very detailed explanation of how they work.
  • If you've ever traveled in Ghana you'll know that it's virtually impossible to get even one bus company's complete timetable, even when you visit them directly, let alone options for others to compare. This will give you total freedom to come and go at your convenience (we know there will still be issues, but this will take much of the planning hassle out of it) while traveling independently in Ghana.
  • A printable map showing connections between major and smaller destinations across the country so you can plan and trace your own journeys without having to know anything about Ghana before you arrive--it's all there for you.
And loads more that we'll be updating over the next few days.

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