March 27, 2010

Announcement: Ghana travel guide

Travelers, expats, volunteers all...

Akwaaba, which means "welcome"! Many readers and new blog visitors have purchased the Insider's Guide to Ghana since it was launched mid-February: thank you! And we have received very positive feedback, overall. You can read some of the comments on the sidebar to the right at this blog. 

Our introductory price period in which we tested a price range for the guide is about to come to an end. As of 1 April, the price of the Insider's Guide to Ghana will be the full, final price of US$21.00. Those organisations that requested bulk discounts for their clients/volunteers/visitors will continue to receive the bulk discount.

If you want to buy the guide for the current price of US$8.15 you have 4 more days to do so! It's not scary. It's not difficult. It's definitely not as scary or difficult as what this guy is about to do. Woo!

This image is courtesy of Irene Tong at Flickr.

Which reminds me: over Easter there is a paragliding festival at the Kwahu Plateau behind Nkawkaw which is on the main highway between Kumasi and Accra. I have never been, unfortunately, but those who have reported very good things. Many Accra and Kumasi expats and travelers head here for the Easter weekend. Make sure you bring loads of water and snacks. Jumping off cliffs with parachutes. Experienced instructors from South Africa. You can read about paragliding in Ghana here.

This image is courtesy of flickr: by Santosh Dawara. It's not Ghana, I think it's somewhere in the USA. The image below is from the Ghana Paragliding festival site.

This looks like it's going to be a smooth landing. I'm envious of anyone who gets to go this year!

Our guide will let you land like this when you arrive in Ghana too.

Here's what you get:

278 page Easy Read version formatted for screen reading
Easy Print version formatted for printing and carrying 
which can be uploaded and read on your iPhone
MP3 8 minute Twi daily phrases lesson
MP3 8 minute Hausa daily phrases lesson
MP3 How to "haggle" a taxi driver
MP3 How to "haggle" buying food on the streetside
MP3 introduction, thank you and exclusive competition for purchasers
Free updates--full guides and separate pages showing updates--for 12 months from the date of purchase.

It's easy. It's pretty quick. And it's still US$8.15 ! For 4 more days anyway.

Download a free sample of our Travel Guide to Ghana see inside the guide before buying.

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