March 14, 2010

Upgraded Guide to Ghana with MP3 files

In addition to the Easy Print and Easy Read versions of our guide, as of this very minute you get 5 audio MP3 files too. 

This includes two language learning files--one for Twi and one for Hausa--which are both around 8 minutes in duration and include basic greetings, how to state your name and where you're going, and also how to haggle in the market. It's Godwin speaking by the way!

And there are two "haggling" files in which Godwin and I role play street scenes.

That is, in one he's the taxi driver and I'm negotiating the taxi so you can hear what to expect and practice yourself.

In the other I'm attempting to buy pineapple on the street! Easy you say! Hah! Listen to this hustling trader and see for yourself. This is a typical exchange with a market trader and shows how to handle the sometimes thorny issue of not being too ripped off as a visitor. Stand your ground!

We also have a welcome audio file which tells you a little more about us, the guide and also a small competition we're running for guide purchasers exclusively.

We have loads in our fabulous, up to date and honest guide. There's a map showing journeys across Ghana. We include about 13 of these maps to help you work out how A and B (and C and D and E) connects to make your planning so much easier and save you loads of valuable travel time and money! You can see what readers are saying in the comments on the right. We look forward to hearing from you, too!

We hope you like the new cover too. It's a collection of photos from across Ghana and a mug shot of yours truly.

Download a free sample of our Travel Guide to Ghana see inside the guide before buying.

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