March 16, 2010

Win! Competition! Ghana travel guide giveaway!

We're giving 6 readers a chance to win our Insider's Travel and Living Guide to Ghana. Also great for expats!

One reader from each of the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Ghana will win. We also want someone from another random country who can use Paypal. So, if you're not in one of those "Competition 5", but still want a chance to participate, email and we'll choose someone from outside of those 5 countries too.

There are two steps to this. 

This sounds counter intuitive or downright dodgy, but it's not.

We have updated our payment processor and we're testing it in different parts of the world to make sure it works as we've had emails from customers trying to buy, but not being able to for some technical reason. So, we're seeking testers in different parts of the world to ensure things are working properly. For your efforts, you get the guide free.

We're seeking one person in the UK, one in the Netherlands, one in the USA, one in Canada, one already in Ghana and one somewhere else altogether to go through the purchasing process and let us know if you had any problems in the process. After the purchase is complete we'll refund your purchase amount--this is simple. We promise. We have a very good rapport with current customers and, indeed, just updated our guide and those existing customers are getting the updates as we write. You'll get all that, including the new language lesson MP3s included in the package. Free!

To be in the running, first, email us at and let us know where you are. We'll pick winners randomly.

We'll then ask you to test the payment facility and then refund the purchase price back to you once it pops into our account. You get to keep the guide package, but we'd like your feedback by email of how the process went and any glitches you may have encountered. We particularly want to know if there was anything preventing your purchase.  If so, at what stage, how? What happened?

So, your chance to own one of our guides! Email away! The sooner we receive emails from all five locations, the better as we want to jump in and test ASAP.

This is the feedback I received about 5 minutes ago from one reader responding to the update link:
"Thankyou for your wonderful guide, it is making my trip much easier and much more rewarding, as I am visiting places I might have otherwise missed. I have your guide on my iPhone and recently was able to help some backpackers who couldn't find the info they needed in the Bradt guide."
Seriously high praise. We didn't make it up. We're getting similar comments from others almost daily.

If you don't make the competition 5, you can buy the guide for the new low price of US$8.15. NOW!

Stay tuned.

That stunning picture of Elmina Castle by night is by  Aluka Digital Library.
If you want to see inside the Castle, check this out.  The dungeons in Elmina Castle are among the most harrowing of places to experience in Ghana. I visited here in my very first week of arriving in 2005, as I used to live within walking distance along the main road of Elmina (I could swim to the castle!) and my first visit burnt itself into my memory.

Don't forget the competition though.
Looking forward to your emails.

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