April 19, 2010

Ghana Cedi explained for travelers in Ghana

I just published another article helpful for Understanding the new Ghana Cedi at Suite 101. If you're traveling in Ghana or preparing to, this will help prevent serious nervous breakdown as you straddle the old and new Ghana Cedi divide still alive at street-side vendors and markets across Ghana.

Read an excerpt:

"To make it simple for prospective tourists to Ghana: One new Ghana Cedi is equivalent to ten thousand old Ghana Cedis. So, 1=10,000. And just as 100 cents makes one dollar, 100 pesewas makes one new Ghana Cedi.

However, prior to July 2007, pesewas were not in circulation. Any value less than 10,000 Cedis (1 new Ghana Cedi) was expressed in “thousands” of Cedis.

Today’s 10 pesewas was 1000 Ghana Cedis and “thousand” is still quoted on the streets for items of this value, such as sachets of purified water sold in plastic bags. It is quite common to hear items still quoted as “five thousand” instead of today’s 50 pesewas, or “ten thousand” instead of today’s 1 new Ghana Cedi"

Read more at Suite101: Understanding the New Ghana Cedi http://ghana-travel.suite101.com/article.cfm/understanding-the-new-ghana-cedi#ixzz0lZFEgl1K

Also see my article on getting a Ghana tourist visa at Suite 101.

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