May 27, 2010

Ghana guide update and safe travels

Hi folks,

Sorry it's been quite a while since I checked in here. Our Ghana guide sale went on muuuuuch longer than we expected, because we just could not get access to the internet for the past 10 days or so, as my lack of posting probably shows.

So, the sale is officially over. We are just about to release a new update to the guide with revised prices, contacts and a few other important points, including safety tips and advice.

Meanwhile, due to the success of the guide we've decided to keep the price at a chilled US$8.00. All things considered, we think that's a budget friendly price for visitors to Ghana.

You can buy the guide by clicking on the purchase button on the right.

On a completely different note, an excellent travel blogger recently did a round up of tips relating to traveling safely. You can read it all at Travel Safely, What you need to know at Todd's Wanderings.

Happy travels and we'll back on board with the usual posts this weekend!

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