May 14, 2010

Ghana travel guide on sale at $4

Oh yeah, why am I writing this post?

Yep, you have about 60 hours to purchase the Insider’s Travel and Living Guide to Ghana for US$4.00.

That's it. That's what this post was about. 60 hours to buy a Ghana travel guide that will guide you to the best and some of the less well known destinations in Ghana.

For US$4! Crazy. Wa bo dam! (That means "You're crazy" in Twi/Fanti and best not spoken out loud in polite company. Taxi drivers will shout it at each other in heavy traffic a lot though.

You can buy the guide by clicking here. Enter 'vacation' (without quotes, so just vacation) in the discount code box and click the buy now button. Voila! A new secure processing window for Paypal will pop up and you can pay by credit card or your paypal account. Thank you in advance :)

Discount Code:

Godwin even shaved his head for the occasion! Kidding. This is from about a year or so ago in Cape Coast. Inside a typical barber shop in Ghana. Crazy. Like our guide price.Unusual second-hand clothing like the barber's apron are common sites in Ghana.

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