May 8, 2010

Health basics for travel in Ghana

Here I discuss the very basics for travelers health. This is helpful for travel in most tropical or warm climates, not just Ghana. 

"Some of the most common travelers illnesses include heatstroke, sunburn, diarrhea, giardia, cuts and bites.


Diarrhea strikes many a first time traveler in developing countries. Those traveling from extremely clean environments or who have not traveled widely may react to bacteria, even harmless bacteria, in developing countries like Ghana.
Alternatively, water-borne diseases like Giardia can also cause diarrhea, but the symptoms are usually much more severe. Giardia symptoms include painful abdominal cramps, smelly gas and diarrhea. Giardia, like typhoid, is treated with a course of cipro.

Diarrhea is extremely debilitating. It can take days to pass, depending on the severity, and it is important to get solid rest and sleep during this time."

Read more at Suite101: Travelers Health Basics in Ghana

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