May 28, 2010

Review of Insider's Travel Guide to Ghana at Go Backpacking

I was uber nervous to read a review about our Ghana guide at Go Backing. I mean, this was a person whom we'd never met before writing about our baby, so to speak. A 278 page digital baby, but still our baby borne of much long sweaty nights and power cuts, a few tears, and near-death trotro experiences.

We received positive feedback so far, but still. What if they didn't like the first-person, informal tone? What if they felt there was too much information? What if they didn't like the whole package?

So, here is a short excerpt or click the link to The Insider's Travel and Living Guide to Ghana review at Go Backpacking.

"The guidebook uses the capital city, Accra, as a jumping off point to all other destinations in Ghana, and contains wonderfully accurate hand-drawn maps.  The information about transportation is very concise, and would likely make travel throughout Ghana easy and relatively worry-free. Unlike a lot of eBooks these days, this one is a steal of a deal. For $12 you receive 4 MP3 files, an 8 minute Twi Daily Phrase lesson, an 8 minute Hausa Daily Phrases lesson, How to “haggie” a taxi driver, and How to “haggie” buying food on the street. The authors, Gayle Pescud and Godwin Yidana, have obviously put in a lot of time and research into this guidebook. In fact, I’m tempted to send this guidebook to a friend of mine who recently left for a 3-month trip to Ghana."

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We were quite relieved to read the positive review. And it was written before we revised the price to an even better steal of US$8. So, go ahead and steal our guide. You can click the button on the right now and download it in a matter of minutes.

For what it's worth, we're about to update the guide. We're in final revisions now. All purchasers receive free updates for 12 months after purchasing the guide. We hope you like it too. Let us know what you think too.

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