July 27, 2010

Prizes and Thank Yous

This is a quick note to say thank you for the various emails and messages we've recently received about the baskets that we began to showcase recently, the recycling series, and also the Ghana travel guide too.

Sometimes I think no one reads this blog and then a flood of emails arrives and I realise we have one or two readers :)!

We'll be starting a whole bunch of fun stuff shortly, including inviting guest posts from you, readers, as well as prizes including the baskets you see on here and other prizes.

The guest posts theme will be "My Ghana" and is open to your interpretation. You can write anything you like, with a few limitations. I'll be posting the details very soon. The upside for you is exposure--we get 4000 visitors a month--with links back to your site. I am even creating a new page with each entry listed so new readers can find the posts easily.

So, start thinking about what you may want to write or show in images if you're interested in guest posting here.

And stay tuned for the prizes announcements! Our Ghana travel guide will certainly be one of the prizes.

Read more about the Ghana guide here.


  1. Hey, We do read your blog. Guys check this out and prepare your brains for an exciting adventure with the blog.

  2. Hey Godwin, thank you :). Hopefully it will be an exciting adventure. Y'all be the judge. (I'm not Texan, by the way, but I do like y'all...). Add your comments, y'all. By the way, commenting will be part of future competitions! Start sharpening your keys.

  3. thanks bro for this information, visit back to download ebook gratis, please =p

  4. Stick around and you'll soon discover ways to win your own copy of the guide!


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