January 23, 2011

2011: Long Time, No Write

A very belated New Year's Greetings. It's all been busy around here and not much time for getting online and writing, unfortunately. However, I appreciate the Christmas and New Year's messages, thank you.

The Harmattan is just about lifting her skirts and hightailing it out of here for another year, thank goodness. Much too much dust and sniffles and coughs. However, she's replaced by the yet more evil Hot Season. Today was the first real hot day in about 3 months. It's been wonderfully cool and even cold since November. Sheets and more sheets were needed at night. Pyjamas even. Unfortunately, that time is over. Back to no sheets and sweating like pregnant toads...from about next week I'd say.

I have loads upon loads of photos to upload but, of course, the internet is not our friend. Some things don't change. So they will come in good time.

Still selling the Ghana guide and had a chance to meet some lovely readers late last year. So many interesting people traveling to Ghana. Feel free to let us know when you'll be here and what your story is.

Happy reading everyone and happy 2011.

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