February 27, 2011

Online Resources for Visiting Ghana

A couple of excellent online forums to find out about travel in Ghana, or life in Ghana, are:


Internations works on trust and they verify your credentials before being allowed to access the site fully. You can meet plenty of expats and get up-to-date details about living in Ghana, particularly Accra. They have an active expat community that attends regular meet-ups too. A good way to meet people when you first arrive in Ghana.
"InterNations is a community of trust and confidence, present in 230 cities worldwide. Data security and privacy are of major importance. Therefore membership is invitation-only:
You need to be invited to become a member"
and Lonely Planet's "Thorntree" forum.
This is geared towards short-term travelers and is essentially a place to find the most difficult to get information that may not be available anywhere else online. Many current and former travelers lurk around the forums and are ready to offer advice and answer questions from fellow travelers. When visiting Italy I developed my entire itinerary around the feedback on the forums. It was brilliant. I've read loads relating to Ghana there and the advice is helpful and mostly accurate.

This image was taken at Axim Beach Hotel, Axim, one of the best beaches and hotels in Ghana--with prices for all budgets. 

February 24, 2011

Ghana on Facebook

There are plenty of Facebook pages about Ghana by Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians for those here and those planning to visit Ghana. Almost six years ago, when I first arrived in Ghana (yikes time has flown!), Facebook was not the main thing I spied on PC screens in public internet cafes. Zip forward to 2011 and it's a whole different picture. Virtually everyone, from children to adults, in public cafes--even in Bolga--is browsing, writing and making friends on Facebook. Football, dating and development issues appear to be the most popular topics.

Here are a few of the pages worth checking out:

Ghana F.L.O.W.E.R.
A great small NGO in the Eastern Region of Ghana doing good work and doing what they say they're doing!

A comment from a volunteer at the page:

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed volunteering for Ghana FLOWER! I volunteered as a public health intern from Jan 2010 and had the most incredible time. The work was hugely rewarding, but the best part was getting to know Helen and her wonderful family, who were so welcoming and made my time in Ghana so enjoyable...

E-Waste Watch Ghana
There are sooo many importers dumping used electronic and electrical goods all over Ghana. Africa, in general, is the dumping ground of the rich. This site keeps you up to date on what's happening here in Ghana.

From the page:
E-WASTE WATCH GHANA monitors the illegal shipments and dumping of e-waste in Ghana by the industrialised countries and documents the public health and environmental impacts.
A group simply called "Ghana"
Slightly patchy content, but a few useful tips for travelers in there.

A question from one of the members:
Can somebody tell me an affordable guest house in Cantonments-Accra? I know it's not the typical backpacker area, but I have to stay around that area and can't pay for the luxury hotels.
Another great page is Ghana Blogging.
As the name suggests, its members are bloggers writing about Ghana. Use the page as a springboard for some of the best blogs about Ghana.

A note from their site:
Have you seen the new GhanaBlogging website? Please visit http://ghanablogging.com/. Massive thanks to Oluniyi D. Ajao and Web4Africa for putting this together!
Ghana Music.
Ghana would not be Ghana without music. Life = music, music = life. This is the Facebook page to find out much about it.

A promo on their site:
Abodam Live In Australia.This Show Is Gonna Be Too Hot To Be Miss.Kwaw Kese First Time In Australia..Nuffin But Madness.
A reader brought Nyani Quarmyne Photography to my attention and it is worth the look!

A post on the page reads:

Nyani Quarmyne Photography Since posting these images on mental health in Ghana, I've had several people ask, "How can I help?" For those of you who would like to make a difference, I've updated my blog post with the details you need.

 And then....

This image is from The Gamelian World, a great blog from a Ghanaian. Read his article, Ghana's Facebook Picture, on the popularity of Facebook in Ghana.

Facebook image above from http://www.anticapitalistes.net/spip.php?article1816

February 18, 2011

Income Generation Video from Bolga by G-lish Foundation

It's not all TZ and smock making in Bolgatanga. Press play to see the lifecycle of a recycled Bolga basket and get inspired! Let us know what you think.You can also see the organisation's new site at http://g-lishfoundation.org.

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