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Me in a maize field right in Bolga, '09
I created this blog in 2008 to write about the reality of life in Ghana  after having lived in Ghana for 2.5 years. You can find information about traveling in Ghana here, and much about volunteering and working as well. I'm also the co-founder of G-lish Foundation which is a non-government organisation in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The most popular posts are shown on the right-hand side-bar. I think they reflect the main challenges people have living and traveling in Ghana.

I returned to Australia in early 2013 with Godwin Yidana, the man I met in Ghana in 2008 and started a life with there and now Australia, after 7 years living in Ghana altogether. I could write much more about life and travel , especially after starting an NGO in Bolga. We have many stories of struggle, joy, heart-ache, danger and illness. Malaria plagued me often, not to mention a rabies scare, but I wouldn't change anything. I wish I could go back and do the journey again from start to finish.

I just received the latest edition of the Bradt Guide to Ghana and it's made my heart ache with longing for places along the coast, especially Cape Coast and Ko-Sa Beach Resort near Elmina, and my main home in Ghana, now, Bolga.

I wish you all the best with travels and life in Ghana. Please feel free to contact me at gaylepescud(at)gmail.com with any questions.

Some of my favourite photos from Ghana. I chose them for the memories.

Sunset in Bolga right by our first tiny room where G-lish began

I miss noisy guinea fowls. They regularly bombed our compound in Bolga.

Back in 2005 teaching colour theory with producersand Natalie

Typical basket seller going to market to sell baskets in Bolga

Godwin chilling in the hammock at Rainbow Village, Lake Bosumtwe where we took his Mum

The daily soccer match at sunset in front of Oasis in Cape Coast. Tina in the photo below took this photo!

Tina and I sleeping on the beach at Christmas at Green Turtle Lodge

The guys who rowed us to Nzulezu stilt village in Western Region

Boys near our house in Bolga teaching me to joggle

Little girls collecting the goats at the end of the day in Bolga

Pounding fufu! I miss the thud thud thud

Someone's tro stopped in Bolga. I'm glad it wasn't ours, for once. Goats looking on.

Coolest kids ever near our house in Bolga one afternoon posed for me.

Cape Coast during election time

The winning goal in the penalty shoot-out from our Peace One Day event in Bawku, 2008 and the reason why Godwin and I met

Dancing at a spot on the street in Accra somewhere behind Papaye

I think this was my first ever trotro. We troed it ALL THE WAY to Mole from Cape Coast, and then back again!

Axim Beach Resort down by the beach.

The first ever recycled Bolga basket made by Edna, the first ever recycled basket maker in Ghana

The first bunch of recycled Bolga baskets under G-lish Foundation

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  1. Hi Gayle
    It's a while since I visited (sorry), but I wanted to say how I like your 'new-look' blog.


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