February 17, 2009

Contemporary Art in Ghana

We have a new site www.g-lish.org where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Contemporary Art in Ghana there.

'FCA is the only foundation of its kind in Ghana. It is dedicated to
supporting the development of young artists.it offers artists a badly needed
place to brainstormlearn about the international art scene and keep in contact
with the World'
Marina Galvani,curator, World Bank Art Program, Washington.

Painting below: "Another Responsibility" by Peter Nii Narku Thompson, the featured artist of Foundation for Contemporary Art in Ghana, an organisation based in Accra that supports fine arts development of both local and visiting artists in Ghana.

"Forward ever backwards never" by Peter Nii Narku Thompson.

Of volunteer opportunities, "FCA hosts a limited number of volunteers who wish to learn about contemporary art in Ghana, while contributing to the work of the Foundation. Volunteers need to pay their own airfare and local subsistence costs. FCA provides logistical support for the volunteer’s work programme. Contact FCA or our partner Ikando http://www.ikando.org/ for further information about volunteering with FCA."


  1. thanks for bringing to light the avenue of contemporary African Art via Ghana(FCA)

  2. You're welcome. Hopefully interest will continue to grow and Ghanaians can bring a mix of traditional and modern art and crafts to the world.


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