February 25, 2010

My Town: Cape Coast

I've started a small series of posts on the theme My Town based on places I've lived around the world in which I post images that tell that town's story, not necessarily what you see in tourist brochures. Living is anything over 4 months...for me. Some of these photos were taken by a friend and former volunteer, Tina. Some were by me. My photos aren't too crash hot, but Tina's are fantastic.So welcome to Cape Coast:
Over the rooftops towards the ocean by Tina. Cape is a hilly town and there are wonderful views if you can handle the sweaty walk to the top.

By Tina. Funerals are a common site on Fridays and weekends all over Cape and Ghana for that matter. This was right outside my former office.

By Tina. Along Jackson Street (Coastal Forex is in that building in the background on the right). You'll meet cheeky children like this everywhere.

By Tina. Fishermen pulling in the nets outside Oasis.

By Tina. In the other direction, boys playing football on the beach. Cape Coast Castle in the background.

By Tina. Another view of hilly Cape with the ocean in the background

By Tina. My favourite jollof rice lady, sitting opposite Melcom, on the main street of Cape Coast

These cleaning and tooth paste advertisements covered the whole wall of the building by the one main traffic light in town some years ago.

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