April 17, 2010

Location Independent: Live and Work Anywhere You Choose

Location Independent is a site and business I've been wanting to tell you about for weeks! Getting on, uploading and all that stuff has been stressful, to say the least.Here we go, at last.

I know many readers yearn to make a living and travel, whether it be through writing, freelancing in some form online, or taking short-term projects around the world. Location Independent is the place to start if this sounds like you.

The founders, Lea & Jonathan Woodward, describe Location Independence as "a lifestyle based on the freedom to choose. Whether you choose to live a nomadic life, you want to spend more time at home with the kids, move to an exotic location or you simply want to be able to work from the coffee shop down the road, the location independent lifestyle gives you the freedom to choose a lifestyle that works for you."

Lea and Jonathan live an enviable lifestyle--with a baby!--traveling from country to country while building a blog and excellent resources on how to do it all. 

One of the greatest single pages for resources to help you do this is at their site, along with a range of guides they have produced that you can check out here:

On the first of April, no fools, an interview I did with Location Independent was published at their blog. Hint: read the other interviews there for excellent insight and tips on the reality of developing independence of a single location. 

Here is some of it: 
Looking at your blog, it sounds like location independence in Ghana can be somewhat challenging! How do you overcome some of these challenges? What kind of impact does it have on your life and your business?
It depends where you live in Ghana. If you’re in Accra or Kumasi, the largest cities, you have access to more reliable internet and amenities, although they do experience water and power shortages at times.

But I live in the far north where sometimes you feel like the service providers have forgotten you exist. We had terrible internet between January and March this year, such that I had to travel to other cities to do serious online work. Basically, everything slows down.

What I could normally achieve in 5 days might take 10 due to external variables like not having power or internet connectivity when you need them. I’m quite efficient and productive with consistent power and internet, so I find it quite frustrating that my output is sometimes half what it could be.

Sometimes I’m tempted to move to Accra, but we’ve committed to a project here; it’s the poorest area of the country and needs the most help and we’re in a perfect position to do that.

Read the rest here at an interview I did with Location Independent.

And this is an excellent interview I just read there by a freelance medical and yoga writer, Dr Tara Devi. 

Image by zug55 is of Cape Coast Castle, looking east! I used to work a few minutes walk from there...aaah!


  1. Great post with inspiring information. There is a book in Swedish called "Härarbeta" - "to work right here" which discusses the same issue. I am glad to see it is not the only info on working from wherever!

  2. Hey Kajsa, Thanks! It's becoming a world-wide phenomenon. Location Independent is a brilliant resource and I hope others check it out too.


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