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This is Lonely Planet's Featured Bloggers from around the world! I was part of this group as the Blogger for Ghana.

Focus: Travel, Social Entrepreneurship and random adventures
My comments: Awesome looking blog, great photos, damn it I just saw a Vietnamese crepe: I forgot about how great they are.

Focus: Travel, adventure, advice and food from 10 years on the road...and counting
My thoughts: This one's close to my heart. A whole section dedicated to Shikoku, in Japan, my former home as an exchange student. Stunning blog. Ahhh. Natsukashii naa.

Focus: Writes for busboys, poets, social workers, students, artists, musicians, magicians, mathematicians, maniacs, yodelers and everyone else out there who wants to enjoy life not as a rich person, but as a real person. Namely, for you.
My thoughts: Awesome awesome. Love the look and the title. Check it out if heading to The Big Apple (New York) or USA full stop. 

Focus: One of the three Gentleman Explorers in Africa
My thoughts: If you're planning to travel across West Africa or up and down the continent, READ THIS BLOG DAMN IT!

Focus: Sophie wanders the world, mostly with kids, sometimes solo.
My thoughts: Gorgeous and if you think you cannot travel with children, read this too.

Focus: A site about living and traveling in southern Italy, with a main focus on Calabria
My thoughts: The name alone makes me ache. The good old bella vita: good life. Very comprehensive resource for this part of Italy or a good primer for first-time visitors to Italy.

Focus: You guessed it! Malaysia and Asia in general
My thoughts: I get the "Malaysia truly Ay-ay-sia" jingle in my head everytime I read this title. Oh God, and beautiful and enticing with strong south-east Asiafocus.

Focus: A travel journalist's confessions
My thoughts: Love the blog's philosophy: "Always talk to strangers" Read this on Cairo and what a hump!

Focus: Budget travel in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and Australia
My thoughts: If Cambodia is on your radar, read this. Having lived and traveled a little there, I know this blog is on the money. I can vouch for the Australiasection too! I miss the same things about Sydney and I never thought of the trains as double-decker, but hey, they are!

Focus: About Europe, mainly Switzerland with a focus on Malta too
My thoughts: Breaking the Swiss stereotypes. Providing a window into Malta too.

Focus: Sshiksa blog is a travel and photography blog, covering so far Mexico, Cuba, UK & Ireland and Morocco. I'm a 27 year old Estonian woman and i write about my travels the way i experience them, not so much as a guidebook on "how-to".
My thoughts: Lovely intro to Morocco as well as Mexico, Cuba and Ireland.

Focus: South Korea
My thoughts: This is the Korean equivalent of our blog, This is Ghana. Want anything Korean, come here.

Focus: Spain and Worldwide
My thoughts: Oh I love how this looks. Mexico and Japan!

Focus: Green Earth Guide author writing about green/eco traveling mostly in Europe and the USA
My thoughts: I love this site. Green travel, recipes and great layout.

Focus: World Travel: Traveling, writing, being human in quirky vignettes.
My thoughts: China, Vietnam, and simplicity in design at its best. 

Focus: A site mainly about travelling with children 
My thoughts: Sweet and simple and makes me want to go to England again, damn it! If you have children, check this out.

Focus: Writing and Worldwide travel
My thoughts: Top quality writing. Dreamy. Guest post section is great.

Focus: Backpacking around the world on a budget
My thoughts: Great design and the journey makes me quite envious in a good way. 

Focus: Travel - Adventure - Life outside the box - Currently in Alaska
My thoughts: Awesome design. Looks like a Thesis Wordpress theme to me! Alaska Marine Highway in Photographs makes me wish we could teleport already. What's with that? Why has teleported not been invented yet?

Focus: Currently in Sweden. Next: Turkey, UK, US
My thoughts: Jesus, the food photos in these blogs are killing me. My favourite cuisines are all Asian: Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese and I am very far from any of this, except Japanese. I love Introducing Mum to the Swedish Sauna. I guess you can see I'm skiving now. 

Focus: California family spends a year volunteering, traveling and homeschooling their kids: 6 months in South America and 6 months in the Mediterranean
My thoughts: If you thought, "We can't do that," then read this blog.

Focus: Two Americans who quit their jobs to go on a 10-month around the world honeymoon
My thoughts: If you're still here, reading, you're obviously skiving. This will make you quit your day job.

Focus: Lonely Planet author based in French Polynesia but covering everywhere from South America to Southeast Asia & more
My thoughts: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and inspiring. Shows that you don't need a fancy shmancy design to make a great impression--less is more.

Focus: The travel log of a bugger ...
My thoughts: Cultural conundrum: In Australia "bugger" means a naughty or annoying person. My Mum called my sister and I buggers, A LOT. A self-professed "Pom" (he said it!) working his way around Europe...eye-opening if that's your plan.

Focus: Travel and reading blog
My thoughts: If you want to visit the USA, then give this blog a whirl. B&B owners in Colorado creating a lovely blog with a focus on travel literature too.

Focus: Stories from their round the world honeymoon and other travel tips
My thoughts: This site is awesome and I love the recipes!

Focus: Cambodia (I guessed by the title! Grasshoppers anyone?) 

Focus: Food and travel writing by Zora O'Neill -- adventures in Astoria and beyond
My thoughts: Oh Jesus more food. A stunning Thesis theme again. lovely layout with lots of inspiring food-related content with a focus on Europe.

Jetsetting Joyce: Melbourne
Focus: Melbourne, Australia!
My thoughts: Maybe my Nan got net savvy. She's a Joyce and she set up a travel agency in the 70s just for fun. Ok, as an Aussie, and having traveled to Melbourne a lot, this site is on the money too. And it looks great and easy to navigate. Oh god, food again. In fact, as I write I frowned at the screen and Godwin said, "Food?” Yes!

Focus: Brisbane, Australia
My thoughts: Again, I know "Brissie" well enough and this site does justice to that warm and easy to get around city. 

Focus: Stories, tips and photos from a year teaching in South Korea and other adventures along the way.
My thoughts: Love the title! Oh my God, itchy feet again.This confirms everything I've heard about Korea being a visually stunning nation. If you've thought of teaching and traveling, then read this.

Focus: The adventures of a 20-something Californian living a fabulous life in London and traveling around the world.
My thoughts: "London baby!" Makes me want to return. Reminds me of squirrels. Simple and perfect for those heading to this great hub of Europe.

Focus: Personal odissey through Indonesia and Asia
My thoughts: More food, more pouting. Want to know Indonesia? Bali, Aceh? Enjoy. 

Focus: Gives travelers ideas and tips on how to travel around the world on a budget.
My thoughts: Nice clean design and nice simple and fun tips for traveling smart on a small budget. 

Focus: He says: "Sold it all - house, car, (not my soul though) - and am now based in Amsterdam, travelling throughout Europe."
My thoughts: What kind of person would sell their car and house and travel abroad for an indefinite period of time? Crazy ah! Click on the title right now. This blog is beautiful. 

Focus: Brooke vs. the World is the rtw travel blog of a girl fulfilling her travel dreams one phase at a time.  Travel/living in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Guatemala and Australia (and more!).
My thoughts: Oh this looks great. The Kangaroo made me home-sick. I love this story on Baltic Graffiti. Very diverse scope with rich visuals. 

Focus: The main English language site for Morocco, contributors include a Lonely Planet author and two established authors and photographers as well as casual contributions from visiting journalists.
My thoughts:

Focus: Um, Indian Bazaars? 
My thoughts: This is a real eye opener and makes me think of the markets here in Ghana too. If you're heading to India or even anywhere in that region for the first time, give this a go.

Focus: This travel blog was created to help first-travelers as they embark on something different. It is an assurance for every tourist and traveler that even the most seasoned one has started out as a neophyte.
My thoughts: Very sweet and helpful for beginners. I also have a soft spot for the Philippines after having one of my best travel experiences ever there--people and food! 
Focus: Central Asia
My comments: Awesomely inspiring and gives me deliciously itchy feet!

Focus: Thailand

Focus: A travel blog focusing on the weird, wonderful and more traditional aspects of Thailand. My website is South East Asia focused.
My thoughts: I wish I had this blog when I visited Thailand all those times. Really, this is the Insider's guide to Thailand

Focus: All you need to know about the island of Koh Chang, Thailand.  The good, the bad and the ugly. (Plus a bit of sarcastic humour.)
My thoughts: Who would have thought there are horses in Kohchang? Photo rich site with gloriously tempting copy. 

Focus: An Aussie couple share their experiences of riding bikes around the world
My thoughts: Load of fellow Aussies busting it up out there. This is an entertaining and instructive blog for those wishing to cycle long distances. 

Focus: Gabon: traveling, experiencing life on  a US Embassy compound and waiting for the recession to end.
My thoughts: So did I! And another G-man: Gabon. Gabon, like Ghana, is one of those places that leaves people asking, Where? In fact, my Auntie called me and asked, "How's Chad?" I said, "No idea, but Ghana's good." Not much about Gabon online so if you are planning a trip, here you are. It looks a lot like Ghana, beaches and elephants and he shares helpful info about visas too.

Focus: Unusual journeys from around the world.
My thoughts: Definitely another Wordpress blog and lovely layout and look. Wanna be envious? Check it out. Like a magazine online.

Focus: Morocco Life, World Travels, Vagabond Info
My thoughts: Look, these blogs make me swear too much. *&(^% HILARIOUS! 

Focus: From Penang, Malaysia: reflections on travels (and everything else that I love).
My thoughts: Again, goes to show how a simple Blogger blog can look great. Makes me want to go to Japan again! Shibuya ah!

Focus: Stories and experiences from trips to Verona, Italy over the years. An introspective description new experiences are related as a visitor of the city to the author's childhood growing up in Verona.
My thoughts: I love Italy and this just makes me want to buy one of those cheap tickets on Alitalia from Accra and hit Verona now. 
Focus: Travel around the world, within Europe, and in London. Also lots of hiking.

Focus: Living/travelling in China

Focus: Alternative tourism in Bulgaria - beautiful places which are not popular with tourists

Focus: All about Vienna

Focus: Travel as we see it, all around the world.

Focus: Overland Journey through North, Central & South America

Focus: Family travel

Focus: Expat Melbournite living in Edinburgh and making up for a few decades of lost travel time.

Focus: Environmental Travel

This is Ghana Guide and Blog: You're here! 
My thoughts: Insane girl who likes lists and writes about Ghana too much.

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