January 15, 2009

The Barber Shop

The barber shop is an institution in Ghana. Like most enterprising individuals, this young gentleman offers haircuts for as little as $1 and a nifty range of imported second-hand clothing and new running shoes if you feel like jazzing up your new hairdo with savvy style.

You can choose from a dazzling array of styles--see poster on right!--depending on your mood (it will grow back in a couple of weeks anyway). Which means it's a pretty safe business proposition too, really: guaranteed clientele.

The total head shave is called "sakora" and is quite popular among professional men and any mother who fears her son might go awry when the hair grows longer than a quarter of an inch.

Personally, I want the apron.

We have a new site www.g-lish.org where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read The Barber Shop there.


  1. That is good one there. It shows one thing; the youth of Ghana are hardworking and will do every meaningful job for a living.
    Can you tell me why you like the apron when next I visit your blog?

  2. It's a Santa Claus apron!!! :) Classic


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