January 5, 2009

Made in Ghana Limousines, TVs and much more...

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He didn't win the presidency, but Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom did ride in a Made in Ghana vehicle: the "Kantankan Obrempon". Kantankan is the brand name and Obrempon means "great person" or "greatness" in Twi. The Obrempon is a limousine. Yes, a limousine made in Ghana by Great Kosa Limited, the company established by...

The man behind the car, and the stereos, the speakers, the tractors, and the televisions: one Dr Apostle Kwadwo Safo, founder of Christ Reformed Church, where he often showcases his latest creations made by the 400 individuals trained to specialise in a specific area of assembly, from the beginning to the completion of a product.

Dr Safo is a trained welder who has designed and produced flat screen televisions which are constructed from the components--including the motherboard!--up at a factory at Gomoa Mpoto in the Central Region and which switch on with a clap!

These televisions look like they're from The Jetsons. Their casing is made from plywood which is carefully crafted into bubble-shaped cases or more traditional square cases and then primped and preened with the craftsmanship of a 16th Century Italian--buffed, sanded, and sprayed--until they're done and dried. And they work. So do the stereos with speakers which also increase in volume with a clap of your hands.

Maybe this is nothing new. Maybe this happens somewhere else. But he designed it here, and made it here, in a country where it's hard to find a car that won't break down after fifteen minutes on the road.

Dr Safo is garnering support among Ghanaians who are beginning to recognise that innovation has a place, and perhaps a more useful and exciting place, than the trend of acquiring pieces of paper--university degrees--that often prove useless in an atmosphere of few jobs for graduates.

After riding in the vehicle, Dr Nduom said that "Apostle Safo's feat was a clear testimony of the fact that Ghana could develop to where countries like Korea and Singapore were today." (ModernGhana.com)

Dr Safo is in discussions to build a large-scale manufacturing plant in Ghana. Perhaps the stability of recent elections will give investors confidence to put their money into this inspiring enterprise.

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