June 9, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

We have a new site www.g-lish.org where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Life in the Fast Lane there.

"Life in the fast lane"

The gentleman sitting on his haunches on the right says it all.
Poor old goats on the roof; they're always getting a bum deal.
By the way, this is a trotro-a bit bigger than usual.


  1. Hi

    Very nice blog, or i can say, best Ghana blog, very informatic, for a person, who is planning to visit Ghana.

    Is this is the routine way of transporting goat?

    what is the price per kg of mutton in Accra?

    Mehmood Yaqub

  2. That's high praise. Thank you. Mutton shouldn't be more than 4 Cedis. Kind of routine, yes.

    And, I made a mistake. Those are sheep, not goats! I often mistake them.


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