June 16, 2009

A proper Pucking mess

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Plans delay again
dreams, those apparitions, tease
intentions fizzle.
“He” flitters away
(he’s an evil little Puck)
just as you press SHIFT.
Suffocates your will,
as smoke smothers oxygen,
choking you to death.
A Macbeth, if you
like, murderer of dreams, “he”,
the “King of Rot Land”.
Development is
futile if you’re in bed with
this bully Brutus.
“He” disappoints time
and again, this reckless, this
feckless fellow, “he”.
Keeping you under
his thumb; good population
Bound, prostate, sedate.
Your father would guard
against this Iago like
your grandfather; poised behind
the chimney, shotgun ready
taking aim when "he" appears.
But when “he” cocks his
pistol, you “byte” another
Why submit to this
fiendish fellow? The friend of
complacency, of
sated bureaucracy, of
apathy and poor planning?
this power tripping Caesar
Aba! Abaaze?
Who is this fiend, “he”?
If the reality were
Oh so poetic…
Company of Ghana is
who is this “He”. Coming to
a power grid near you—“No
time soon oh! This Ghana, ah!”
Leery of it all
“Nothing can come of nothing"
and so banish us
to the powerless state where
our hopes hover, ever
forward never, so
it seems, destined to wallow
and rot tomorrow.
Pray, don’t slit your throat.
Only dead people give up
when power corrupts.
If only I could
take solace in my own words.

1 comment:

  1. Someone wrote to ask what this post meant. Basically, after three years I lost my patience at the GEC one day when I had been planning to do a full day of work and the power cut (again!). I found solace in expressing that frustration through writing...with pen and paper, of course. The result was this.


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