July 11, 2009

BPO in Ghana

We have a new site www.g-lish.org where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read BPO in Ghana there.

And here is an excerpt from a Global Voices round-up of blogs about the announcement of an agreement to further establish Ghana as a leading business outsourcing destination (BPO) in Africa. I bet you didn't know that NYC parking tickets are processed in Ghana...

"Few know that A.T.Kearney rated Ghana as sub-Saharan Africa's number one Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination in 2005 and, as of June 2009, the
nation’s achievements in this field look set to continue. Several bloggers
reported on an agreement signed in early June between two leading ICT
organisations that will provide unprecedented opportunities for ICT students,
create thousands of jobs, and underpin the growth of this nascent

For example, Fusion is a well-known BPO company.


  1. Ghana is well known BPO destination in Africa.

  2. kpo and bpo is providing maximum job oppurtunity allover the world and can get satisfied salary



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