July 25, 2009

Choolips: Fair trade fashion in Top Shop London!

We have a new site www.g-lish.org where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Choolips: Fair trade fashion in Top Shop London! there.

My friend Annegret Affolderbach of Choolips has just released her new line of gorgeous fair trade fashion ware into Top Shop London. Since winning the Design 4 Life Ghana competition in 06/07 (by the way, the photos in this link are at Cape Coast Castle) Annegret's line of fair trade fashion has gone from strength to strength. I can vouch that these dresses were produced with dedication to fair trade principles--Annegret collaborated with the indefatigable Julie, a Global Mamas (Cape Coast) batiker, sweat (it's hot work running between batikers in Ghana), and an eye for how to bridge African/European design aesthetics to meet the British market's tastes. It's wonderful to have witnessed someone's dedication at the design/sample development stage (she was sketching and refining day and night) in Ghana translate into products on the floor of a major London retailer. Kudos to Top Shop for once again taking on fair trade fashion from Ghana!

You can read the whole story at Tree Hugger:

We love hearing about green success stories, and here's a good one. Two years ago TreeHugger had a post about a design contest that would link up young designers with producers in Ghana to create clothing trendy enough to be sold at the British high street stores. The prize was the manufacturing and sale of the dresses at Topshop. The winner was Annagret Affolderbach and to her delight, the dresses sold out within days.

Well now Annagret has come back with her own little company, Choolips, and her new line is coming out at Topshop next month. The great looking series of 3 dress styles is made of 100% Ghanaian Fairtrade cotton, and is sewn by local workers there who are paid a very decent living wage.

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