August 3, 2009

30 minutes in the life: Bolgatanga

These kids were so excited to see their image on the digital camera afterwards.

The plant above growing on the ground is "ground nuts" (peanuts), a major crop up here.

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read30 minutes in the life: Bolgatanga there.

This is 30 minutes in the life of a walk around home in Bolga yesterday. I included this last pic because, even up here, satellite dishes are not unusual...

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  1. This is a little bit of a late comment, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for these photos. I lived in Bolga about 5 years ago, and I miss it daily. The family I lived with and my friends are still there, and I can't wait to move 'home'(not home, but feels like home to me)

    Thank you so much for these photos.


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