August 26, 2009

Only in Ghana? Probably not.

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Only in Ghana? Probably not there.

This furry fellow is no doubt thumbing his hoofs at his fellow goats tied on top of death-trap trotros. Suckers!

While I'm tempted to write, only in Ghana, I sense that this freeloading goat would not be out of place across much of Africa.

A good friend passed this photo along. I recall seeing it somewhere online a while back.

Edit: It is from The Pale Observer--thank you!


  1. Maybe you saw it on my site? It's a great one!!!

  2. It was! Thanks for letting me know. Pale Observer takes the prize for the best photo ever. Brilliant.

  3. i love this photo, so funny and sweet at the same time. Kind of like there is a bond between the guy and his goat, thought it will still end up in someone's soup :-(

  4. Me too. I thought exactly the same thing about the soup! Aponkye Nkrakra.


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