September 30, 2009

Bright guys like this are rare: Computer fixer in Bolga

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Computers don’t stand much chance in this climate, and I’m not just referring to the heat and humidity. There is also the dust, persistent viruses courtesy of lazy internet cafĂ© owners, and the power fluctuations—you absolutely must use a stabilizer (as I write, the stabiliser is click clicking insanely and the power cut out twice).

However, finding someone who can competently repair a lap top or PC, recover data, and that you feel you can trust has at times seemed akin to finding a cure for cancer.

So, it was with great pleasure that (like most discoveries here) through a friend of a friend of a friend I came upon Bright Buzong Yintii: Bright in name and bright in deed. Qualifier: he’s in Bolgatanga. But if you’re stranded with a ‘finished’ lap top anywhere in this region, you need to know this guy because the alternative does not bear thinking about.

So, after he fixed several lap top issues, I asked him if I could do a short interview on my blog, as he has an interesting story. He said yes and here it is:

Thank you Bright. Please tell me what sparked your interest in computers?

‘I have been working with computers for nine years since senior high school. My father bought me a computer when I was in SS and I developed an interest. At senior school I decided to enroll in computer training school and I just loved it so much.’

So tell me about what do you do now?

‘My one year computer training was finished but they asked me to stay there. But I applied to the UDS to read agriculture and natural resource management. You know campus is not easy, money-wise, so throughout my studies I fixed people’s computers, printers, and copiers to make money and help my family. And with time I set up a centre on campus. But then I was posted to Bolga Polytechnic to do my national service. During service in agric the department realized I was good with computers and I came to service all the computers and teach computer studies.’

But what about your agric studies?

(He laughs.) Yes, I am slowly moving to agric projects. But I am also working independently with lots of computer clients who I built trust with over time. I am planning to set up a computer shop in town and start ITC training for women in Bolga.

That’s great, Bright. Mpo-heya. Thank you. And I can’t wait to visit your shop.

If you have a computer, printer or copier problem in the Upper East Region, you can call Bright on 0208 544 555, 0243 782 555, 07293564. Or you can email him on

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