September 28, 2009

Want to start an NGO? Read this first.

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'Anyone with a hammer and a shovel can start an internationl NGO, but you'll
need more than good intentions to make it work.'

So opened the article I recently stumbled across at Verge Magazine about the reality of starting and sustaining an NGO. I haven't read anything better about this topic than this online. And since I've received a few emails asking about it, and they've written it better than I could, and it's full of expert advice, I thought it worth sharing.

I found myself nodding throughout the article. It tallied perfectly with the experiences I had in different projects in a few different countries. There is plenty of wisdom in there that should help you get and stay on the right track. For example: 'If you don't create a real partnership, the people in the community are going to feel like it's improper to say no to you. say yes to you. They're going to say yes no matter what.'

Go check out the entire article here at Verge.

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