January 18, 2010

Top 5 posts of 2009

You might be interested to know what the most popular posts of 2009 were. Here they are in order.

1. How Dangerous is travel in Ghana?
This is not really a surprise as we did a mini survey about what visitors wanted to know and Danger came out top of the list.

2. 19 Day tour of Ghana
We received numerous emails asking about what's best to see and do. After almost 4 years in Ghana, we put together our insider experience and created two different 19 day tours which you can see here. This was part of a "Ghana Highlights" series of posts which the link will direct you to.

3. A-Z of Everything I wish I knew about Ghana before leaving home
Packing and preparing to leave are not easy when you don't know what to expect. This post gives you the heads up.

4. 10 Days tour of Ghana

Like the 19 day tour, this was also a hit with readers with less time on their hands to see the best of Ghana.


  1. Hi Gayle - very interesting! Technically speaking, how do you gauge which posts are the most popular?


  2. Hi Holli,
    Sorry for taking forever to reply. It's been a mad few weeks. I just looked at the feedburner stats in feedburner--this tells me what was most clicked in a given time--but I only measured it from October. In addition, before the new site was hacked (currently being redesigned), I did an assessment using a wordpress plugin that looked at things like comments as well. I took the top of each and voila. That's the most popular posts. The post on COSTS was number 6! Do you use feedburner? It's pretty straightforward. Just go to their site and you can set it up. All the best.


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