March 18, 2010

Are you MaD: All about fair trade!

This week's Are you MaD post focuses on fair trade. There is so much happening in that field, Are you MaD: Fair Trade. Click and check out the full post at You'll see reviews of four excellent organisations and experience a relity check about the chocolate you're tasting too. You can read about one Ghanaian's terrible trip to the Ivory Coast in Facing up to an Ivorian gun runner to get a sense of how children and youth end up slaving on cocoa farms today.

This image which shows fair trade coffee is courtesy of william.neuheisel at Flickr.

This image on the left is of a Chinese/Mandarin language poster advocating fair trade by Oxfam. That's certainly one of the markets to target as far as lobbying for better working and trading conditions is concerned.

To read what four excellent orgnisations are doing, go to Are you MaD: Fair Trade.

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