March 17, 2010

Trotro mate for a day: Photo

This slogan speaks to my directional decisions. That's me in the sunnies outside my old house in Elmina and my friend and former volunteer buddy. We were trying out being mates for a day, even though we weren't going too far in that old rust bucket. Kind of like many a trotro trip...!

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  1. That is so funny! I took a tro tro ride in Accra and was amazed at how many people could be packed into one of those vans. Americans could never live that close together. It was exciting and interesting how, despite the closeness, people were able to get on and off without a lot of grumbling or irritation. Can't wait to come back home.

  2. Hi Wes,
    Thanks so much for the comment. It was such a great landmark and relic, right outside are gate! The owner stripped it down and soldit :( Yes I think trotros are designed to teach patience. That's my take on those things. And appreciate life!


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