June 13, 2017

Coastal Highlights Tour of Ghana

Coastal Highlights Tour of Ghana

Minimum 9 days

Continuing on the Ghana tour theme (we did the All Over Ghana 21 day tour and 7 Day Essential Ghana tours already), this next tour of Ghana is what could be called “Coastal Highlights” of Ghana. If you want to feel the crunch of sand between your toes for 9 days, then this is the tour for you.

This is the tour that takes you west from Accra to Cape Coast, then past the best beaches in the Central and Western Regions, and then back to Accra again. You can mix and match this tour with any of the other Ghana tours mentioned. 

If you just want to chill on beaches, then this is it.

Accra— Cape Coast (Central Region)—Elmina—Kosa/Brenu—Green Turtle/Busua/Butre—Axim—Nzulezo/Beyin—Accra

1. Drive west from Accra to Cape Coast which takes about 3 hours, depending on traffic.

2. Hang out in Cape Coast for a day and visit the Cape Coast Castle.

3. Head on to Elmina where you can visit Elmina Castle or tour around town, and then onto either Brenu Beach or Ko-sa Beach Resort, situated off the same junction, 20 minutes past Elmina.

4. From there, head on past Takoradi to Agona Junction, and then decide whether you want Green Turtle Beach Resort (eco), Busua Beach (variety of lodges including Alaska for backpackers and African Rainbow—classy) or Butre Beach (Ellis Hideout).

5. From here, head on to Axim Beach Hotel, in Axim. There you can laze on one of Ghana’s most beautiful beaches and enjoy the truly stunning atmosphere and perhaps walk into town and visit Fort San Antonio.

6. Head to Nzulezo Stilt Village, the village in the Amansuri wetlands, accessible only by canoe, about an hour from Axim. You can even stay at Beyin Beach Resort, a grass-roots eco-lodge right by Nzulezo stilt village.

7. If that’s too exhausting, just stay put at your favourite beach for a week!

This tour of Ghana was based on one of the maps in our Ghana guide which shows this route around Ghana.

Let us know if you have any experience traveling these routes and what you’d suggest others to look out for.

Thanks for reading!

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