June 11, 2017

Essential Ghana Tour: 7 Days

If you only have seven days in Ghana, this will cover the essentials.

Where does this Ghana adventure take you?

AccraCape Coast (Central Region)—Kumasi (Ashanti Region)—Lake Bosumtwi (Ashanti Region)—Accra

This is basically a circuit that can be traveled in either direction. The trip to Lake Bosumtwi is optional, time allowing.

  1. Depart Accra and head to Cape Coast, about 3 hours by public transport, depending on traffic. Enjoy Cape Coast for a couple of days. See Cape Coast Castle, take a tour of town, visit other historical monuments, travel to Elmina. Elmina is about 20 minutes from Cape Coast (15 kilometres), west. Visitors are divided about the Castle visits. My preference is Elmina, but Cape Coast Castle has an excellent exhibit.

  1. Travel from Cape Coast to Kumasi. This takes about 3-4 hours on public transport, depending on the traffic. Kumasi is crazy so be prepared. Crazy, chaotic, hectic, dirty. However, there is a lot to see, particularly from an Ashanti history point of view. Visit the Cultural Centre and the museum there, hang out in the sprawling grounds. Perhaps visit the Kejetia Market in the centre of town for a truly shocking market experience.

  1. Travel to Lake Bosumtwi for a day or overnight. It is the other extreme of Kumasi: tranquil, clean and relaxing. Walk around Lake Bosumtwi or paddle on the lake. It’s definitely worth the one hour trip to the lake if time permits.

  1. Travel from Kumasi to Accra. It takes about 4-6 hours depending on the traffic.

This tour of Ghana was based on one of the maps in our Ghana guide which shows this route around Ghana.
Let us know if you have any experience traveling these routes and what you’d suggest others to look out for.

Thanks for reading!

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