November 10, 2009

Two excellent Ghana blogs

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Two excellent Ghana blogs there.

This post highlights two great Ghana blogs that readers may be interested in.

For absolutely stunning photos of Ghana that convery a strong sense of how the country feels, particularly in the three northern regions, go check out Ghana Travels here. Marie is the photographer and the high quality of her photos made it difficult to decide which one to feature. However, since I have a thing for fufu and I haven't been to Sirigu yet, I decided to show this photo taken from that area when she traveled up here to the Upper East Region. And Marie's tips will be included in Part III of Ghana Highlights coming on the tail of part II which is coming on the tail of today.

And, well, because Ghana cannot be savoured without experiencing its food, I wanted to direct you to Fran Osseo-Asare's recently updated site all about cooking Ghanaian, West African and even African food in general. This is a photo from her blog of a man grinding tiger nuts that she uses to make a delicious dessert. Follow the link to find the recipe!

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  1. Hi Gayle! Thanks for your glowing review! I did take an insane amount of photos. Thank goodness for ditigal photography. It's so liberating. I keep thinking, maybe when I retire I'll be able to live in West Africa again. Until then, I'll pore over my two thousand photos and live vicariously through your excellent blog. -- MarieMcC


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