December 30, 2009

Christmas in Bolgatanga, Ghana

I did a guest post over at Ever The Nomad about Christmas here, in Bolgatanga. And we just posted it to our new blog site here: Christmas in Ghana.

You can read the whole post at Ever the Nomad by clicking on this link Guest Post Ghana.

Here is a short excerpt:

There are no gifts. There is no roast turkey or goose. There are no chocolates or puddings or trees or tinsel. The aroma of mulled wine floating from the stove top is absent too. It seems like any other day.

I only notice that something is different when I cross the fallow maize fields to the highway to buy some eggs.

The sun is already high in the sky. I look along the highway. A faint haze blurs the baobabs in the distance. This is the Harmattan season, a two-month period during which dust from the Sahara Desert settles across West Africa producing foggy scenes and intense lava-red sunrises and sunsets.

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