December 19, 2009

Journalism volunteer projects in Ghana: A tip

We have a new site where you can read every article from This is Ghana--in a much more organised fashion--and download the free Insider's Guide to Volunteering.

We offer this tip in the Insider’s Guide to Volunteering: If you want to do something specific, like journalism (one of the most common emails we receive), you can almost guarantee finding an organisation on the ground in Ghana that would welcome your presence, informally, even if they don’t run a volunteer programme as such. The media is free and open and there are numerous small and large radio stations, newspapers, and television stations in Ghana. Try writing to them directly and see if you can set something up. GTV is part of GBC (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation). Joy FM is one of the most respected radio stations in the country. Keep in mind the reasonable fee scales above, if you are asked to contribute anything material. We recommend this as the formal volunteer programmes online relating to journalism often charge $3000 a month and the like.

These and many other tips—22 pages actually—are included in the Insider’s Guide to Volunteering. We’re releasing it next week, just in time for Christmas. Sign up by email in the top right hand corner (it takes 3 minutes) if you’d like to be informed the moment it’s available to download and be truly empowered before making a decision. In January, we’ll be starting a series of how you can make a difference in lives of people less fortunate, in your own country or anywhere in the world.

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