December 13, 2009

Key Volunteer Skills Always in Need and more

We have a new site where you can read all articles from This is Ghana in a much more organised fashion. Read Key Volunteer Skills Always in Need and more there.

Any skill will find a home in a volunteer organisation. Does that sound too easy?

If you’re a budding or experienced writer, many organisations need help with PR, marketing and newsletter writing and, these days, blogging and other social media activities.

If you’ve been a mother for fifteen years, you have organizational and management skills and you’re probably highly flexible and patient. Perfect.

Every organisation could do with an IT person at any level, but especially to improve networks, hard drives, and internet connectivity.

We list many more key skills that will find homes volunteering in Ghana or any developing nation. Sign up by email in the top right hand corner to be kept in the loop about the release of the PDF. Should be just in time for Christmas.

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