June 19, 2010

Ghana v Australia Sat 19 Jun

So, it’s Ghana versus Australia in the World Cup in South Africa and my allegiances are torn. Kind of. I have family and friends at home in Australia reading this, and a whole lot of Ghanaians at home in Ghana reading this too, so I’m going for Spain! Ha! (Whispers: I really am going for Spain, unless Ghana gets to the next stage, or the one after that.)

When I go to the market, I overhear the male traders talking about how appalling Australia is and how “Ghana will score them!” And I cannot disagree based on the last game each team played. Australia look liked they showed up for cricket. Or badminton. Or Aussie Rules. Not football. Ghana look like they showed up to put fear in the hearts of the best of the South Americans. 

So, today, the Blackstars versus the Socceroos. I have no idea who’s going to kick whose behinds, but if history predicts the future, it’s going to be Africa United, all the way. Ironically, that dance the Blackstars players do when they score a goal, the one where they stand in the warrior pose and dance as they’re doing doggy paddling is called “The Kangaroo Dance” in Ghana—inspired by kangaroos. If anyone knows how that started, please comment! On the other hand, anything can happen in football. Maybe we’ll see the Aussies doing a dancing like stars. Who knows. 

Today I’m a Gozzie: Ghana Ozzie. Either way, I can’t lose! But I’m kind of really going for Ghana, in case you couldn’t tell. Australia wins half of everything else they play on the world stage; they don’t need to win this as well. That’s my logic, anyway.

Where’s my popcorn?!

Kangaroo photo by André Gustavo and Blackstars supporters by manbeastextraordinaire.


  1. I like that term 'Gozzie'. I am an Aussie born with Ghanaian parents. So I think I will introduce myself as a 'Gozzie' next time someone asks me where I am from. I actually went to see that game at Darling Harbour at the Fan Fest. The Ghanaian supporters stuck out in the crowd like sore thumbs. The ratio was like 50 or so Ghanaian supporters to like 20, 000 Aussie supporters. But we made sure we were heard. It's unfortunate that we couldn't come away with a win.

  2. Hey Afroklectic,
    Thanks for the comment! Yes I like Gozzie too. I had no idea that many people would show up to watch the Aus game at Darling Harbour. I do feel that Ghana has Australia to thank for finding themselves in the quarter finals--for a team that didn't score a single goal that wasn't a penalty in front of the box. Ghana should be calling itself "the lucky country," right now.


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