June 6, 2010

More Top Travel Destinations via Bloggers

Focus: Lonely Planet author based in French Polynesia but covering everywhere from South America to Southeast Asia & more
My thoughts: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and inspiring. Shows that you don't need a fancy shmancy design to make a great impression--less is more.

Focus: The travel log of a bugger ...
My thoughts: A self-professed "Pom" (he said it!) working his way around Europe...eye-opening if that's your plan.

Focus: Travel and reading blog
My thoughts: If you want to visit the USA, then give this blog a whirl. B&B owners in Colorado creating a lovely blog with a focus on travel literature too.

Focus: Stories from their round the world honeymoon and other travel tips
My thoughts: This site is awesome and I love the recipes!

Focus: Cambodia (I guessed by the title! Grasshoppers anyone?) 

Focus: Food and travel writing by Zora O'Neill -- adventures in Astoria and beyond
My thoughts: Oh Jesus more food. A stunning Thesis theme again. lovely layout with lots of inspiring food-related content with a focus on Europe.

Jetsetting Joyce: Melbourne
Focus: Melbourne, Australia!
My thoughts: Maybe my Nan got net savvy. She's a Joyce and she set up a travel agency in the 70s just for fun. Ok, as an Aussie, and having traveled to Melbourne a lot, this site is on the money too. And it looks great and easy to navigate. Oh god, food again. In fact, as I write I frowned at the screen and Godwin said, "Food?” Yes!

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