June 16, 2010

Spain v Switzerland & World Cup Ghana

I confess that I didn’t give much weight to Ghana before the first match, and boy was I proven wrong. And I gave a lot of weight to Australia—and boy was I proven wrong too. I don’t know if it’s overdosing on popcorn that fries your smart cells, but mine were seriously stupid before the World Cup began.
Then again, I bet that Spain, Brazil, Argentina or the USA will play in the final final. (I’m so confused about the use of the word “Final” in reference to these World Cup games). Obviously the first three don’t take too much smart cells to figure out, but the USA v England match proved my “dark horse” selection wasn’t so stupid. After their showing in South Africa last year, I couldn’t dismiss them. Come about 2018 they may be up there with the best of them.
I truly hope Ghana does not have to face the USA down the line in this tournament if they make it into the next round of finals—quarter finals? (So many bloody finals. Sorry for swearing.) Then again, I’d rather they face the USA than Spain. Ohh, I can’t wait for Spain’s match today. They are my favourites. It’s a Barcelona thing. I can’t wait to see if Spain faces off against Argentina. How are those Spanish Barcelona defenders going to handle Messi? With kid gloves you’d think…we’ll see if it comes to that.
And didn’t North Korea give a surprise performance against none other than Brazil? I mean, unknown quantity just put themselves on the beautiful game map. They may not have won, but they weren’t a walk over by any means.
While I love Africa and am overawed and moved by the support of all sections of South Africa for all the African teams, the Asian teams are looking good here in Africa. It’s not that surprising if you think back to the Korea/Japan tournament some years back. But I wasn’t expecting it in Africa.
As for Africa, I watched the Ivory Coast match yesterday and it really didn’t inspire, unfortunately. Don’t understand why Drogba was kept off until the last quarter. So far, Ghana is the only African team to have won their first group match. Let’s hope the second round of group matches brings more African victories.
“Come on Black Stars Ghana!”     
Oh, and Saturday: Ghana v Australia. Sheesh. (For new readers, I’m Australian and I live in Ghana—in case you’ve been eating too much popcorn too.)
I need some more popcorn—but we ran out of gas. There is no gas in Bolgatanga at all. We’ve had to eat food that doesn’t need heating or buy cooked food from town for a few days. I actually collected firewood to light a fire to make popcorn. I think that makes me a popcorn junkie. And a bit of a football junkie too. But I don’t smoke or drink—except tea. So, hey, pass the popcorn would ya! 


  1. US in the final? US over Ghana? stop dreaming. they've never been anything but light weights in football. we disposed of them 4 years ago.

  2. Hey Mike, In my heart of hearts I'm hoping you are right!


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