April 6, 2010

Dance Ghana style

These are a series of photos taken in 2005 showing dance rehearsals in Ghana. In these photos members of Asanti Dance Group were rehearsing in their summer hut at Assase Pa in Cape Coast, Ghana, on a warm afternoon. The drumming was so loud that it attracted local school children on their way home from school. You can see their faces crowding the doorways. They were also crowding all the windows, surrounding the hut and clapping and dancing along with the performers.

You can read more about Ghana dance and Asanti Dance Group at their website. If you're interested in learning dance in Ghana, or say taking a dance vacation mixed with volunteering in Ghana (which is a lot like I did back in the beginning), then check out their site. Many of the performers are now living in Melbourne, Australia, so if you're in that neck of the woods you might contact them and catch performances there. The others live in Cape Coast and occasionally travel around Ghana teaching, performing and demonstrating Ghana dance styles and techniques.

Asanti, incidentally, is their spelling and is Swahili for "thanks".

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