April 10, 2010

Ghana visitor visa...How, what, where, and when

I wrote an article for Suite 101 on how to get a Ghana tourist or visitor visa. The article is straightforward and includes all the details you'll need.

"The first option is to submit applications in person at the nearest Ghanaian embassy or consulate to the place of departure. Processing times vary between three to five working days, on average. It is advisable to allow another week, in addition, in case of problems.

Apply Ghana Visitor Visa by Post

Alternatively, send the application by registered post to the nearest embassy or consulate. Ghana embassy web-sites will suggest allowing up to two working weeks for the application to be processed and reposted in return. Allow an extra week to be safe. It is advisable to follow up a postal application by telephone to ensure it has been received and is being processed."

Read the entire article for best results and links to embassies and Ghana immigration at Suite 101, Get a Ghana Tourist Visa.
You might also want to read about the new Ghana Cedi and how to work out the difference between the old Cedi still quoted everywhere and the new Ghana Cedi.

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