April 29, 2010

Everything But Ghana: Top Global Travel Bloggers Part 1

Warning: High time-wasting potential. Addictive blogs following. 

Here are a list of Lonely Planet's Featured Bloggers from around the world!
The @ mark refers to their Twitter title.

I shall post a series of these posts. You can also check out the whole page of top bloggers on a separate page on our site by clicking on the "Top Travel Bloggers" link on the navigation bar.

Focus: Travel, Social Entrepreneurship and random adventures
My comments: Awesome looking blog, great photos, damn it I just saw a Vietnamese crepe: I forgot about how great they are.

Focus: Travel, adventure, advice and food from 10 years on the road...and counting
My thoughts: This one's close to my heart. A whole section dedicated to Shikoku, in Japan, my former home as an exchange student. Stunning blog. Ahhh. Natsukashii naa.

Focus: Writes for busboys, poets, social workers, students, artists, musicians, magicians, mathematicians, maniacs, yodelers and everyone else out there who wants to enjoy life not as a rich person, but as a real person. Namely, for you.
My thoughts: Awesome awesome. Love the look and the title. Check it out if heading to The Big Apple (New York) or USA full stop. 

Wish you were here!

Focus: One of the three Gentleman Explorers in Africa
My thoughts: If you're planning to travel across West Africa or up and down the continent, READ THIS BLOG DAMN IT!

Focus: Sophie wanders the world, mostly with kids, sometimes solo.
My thoughts: Gorgeous and if you think you cannot travel with children, read this too.

Focus: A site about living and traveling in southern Italy, with a main focus on Calabria
My thoughts: The name alone makes me ache. The good old bella vita: good life. Very comprehensive resource for this part of Italy or a good primer for first-time visitors to Italy.

Focus: You guessed it! Malaysia and Asia in general
My thoughts: I get the "Malaysia truly Ay-ay-sia" jingle in my head everytime I read this title. Oh God, and beautiful and enticing with strong south-east Asiafocus.

 This image is from Phototito's blog, the next on the list. 

Focus: A travel journalist's confessions
My thoughts: Love the blog's philosophy: "Always talk to strangers" Read this on Cairo and what a hump!


  1. Hi Gayle,

    I just found this wonderful post. Thanks so much for featuring my site, you are scoring mucho amounts of blog Karma with this series :) I didn't know that you used to live in Shikoku.

    I lived in Japan for years, have a Japanese wife, and walked the Shikoku Pilgrimage twice (writing a book on it now). Where did you live?

  2. Hi Todd, Thanks very much. You walked it twice?! I only visited a few temples or shrines. I lived in Matsuyama in Ehime and went to Shinonome Girls School which is just below the castle. It was one of the best years of my life. Crazy stories of course.

    Good luck with your book! I know that challenge. I'll email. Ja ne :)


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