May 6, 2010

Ethical and Fair Trade Shops UK and USA

Mother's Day is coming up next week in the USA. And it's World Fair Trade Day next weekend too. We've recently been accepted to promote fair trade products and, to disclose fully, we will be rewarded for this as an affiliate. I love fair trade, I've worked in the area and I've written a lot about it so it makes sense to me. I love to promote products that I know will help alleviate poverty at the grass-roots. 

If you live in the USA, you may wish to mosey on down to your local Fair Trade Shop and buy Mum a box of Fair Trade organic chocolate. Online, of course. 

As someone who lives in the world's second largest cocoa producing country where stories about unfair practices in the industry abound, I can tell you that putting pressure on producers by demanding fair trade practices makes a difference. It's a steady and sure way to make change, to make poverty history, and to ensure a more equitable existence for many. And your Mum will love you for it. Click the picture and see for yourself.

If you live in the UK, you can high tail it to the online Ethical Super Store (oh my God this is amazing) which sells everything a modern household needs, and lovely gifts to boot.  Better still, they sell Traidcraft products and as someone who once worked for Traidcraft I know they do what it says on the box. When you buy from Ethical Superstore you get a choice of marvelous products from all over the world--dishwashing liquid, mops, solar lighting, garden accessories, furniture, fantastic skincare products, books, music, DVDs, wine, I mean EVERYTHING. Click the picture or the link and see for yourself. 

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