May 1, 2010

Everything But Ghana: Top Global Travel Bloggers Part 2!!!

These awesome blogs will deliver a killer blow to hit the road. In here we cover Cambodia, Switzerland, Malta, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Japan, China, Vietnam, Green travel, recipes and England. 

Focus: Budget travel in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and Australia
My thoughts: If Cambodia is on your radar, read this. Having lived and traveled a little there, I know this blog is on the money. I can vouch for the Australia section too! I miss the same things about Sydney and I never thought of the trains as double-decker, but hey, they are!

Focus: About Europe, mainly Switzerland with a focus on Malta too
My thoughts: Breaking the Swiss stereotypes. Providing a window into Malta too.

Focus: Sshiksa blog is a travel and photography blog, covering so far MexicoCubaUK & Ireland and Morocco. I'm a 27 year old Estonian woman and i write about my travels the way i experience them, not so much as a guidebook on "how-to".
My thoughts: Lovely intro to Morocco as well as MexicoCuba and Ireland.

Focus: South Korea
My thoughts: This is the Korean equivalent of our blog, This is Ghana. Want anything Korean, come here.

Focus: Spain and Worldwide
My thoughts: Oh I love how this looks. Mexico and Japan!

Focus: Green Earth Guide author writing about green/eco traveling mostly in Europe and the USA
My thoughts: I love this site. Green travel, recipes and great layout.

Focus: World Travel: Traveling, writing, being human in quirky vignettes.
My thoughts: China, Vietnam, and simplicity in design at its best. 

Focus: A site mainly about travelling with children 
My thoughts: Sweet and simple and makes me want to go to England again, damn it! If you have children, check this out.

Cherry Blossom by Jason Dunn Turtle by by


  1. Thanks for the great lists of global travel bloggers. You've pointed out a few that I didn't know about but are now following. Much appreciated ...

  2. I'm a Vietnamese Travel Blogger. Nice to meet you!

  3. Thanks for the great lists of global travel bloggers


  4. Hey JOanna, NTL and MMO, thanks! I'm also enjoying reading all the blogs and posts :)


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