May 30, 2010

Top World-Wide Travel Bloggers

Here are some more fantastic travel bloggers from around the world. I've given a short note about each but I urge you to check out these blogs for yourselves, especially if you cannot decide where you want to go for your next vacation. These should give you a good start. Alternatively, if you're interested in travel writing, you'll also discover some excellent writers here.

Focus: A site mainly about travelling with children 
My thoughts: Sweet and simple and makes me want to go to England again, damn it! If you have children, check this out.

Focus: Writing and Worldwide travel
My thoughts: Top quality writing. Dreamy. Guest post section is great.

Focus: Backpacking around the world on a budget
My thoughts: Great design and the journey makes me quite envious in a good way. 

Focus: Travel - Adventure - Life outside the box - Currently in Alaska
My thoughts: Awesome design. Looks like a Thesis Wordpress theme to me! Alaska Marine Highway in Photographs makes me wish we could teleport already. What's with that? Why has teleported not been invented yet?

Focus: Currently in Sweden. Next: Turkey, UK, US
My thoughts: Jesus, the food photos in these blogs are killing me. My favourite cuisines are all Asian: Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese and I am very far from any of this, except Japanese. I love Introducing Mum to the Swedish Sauna. I guess you can see I'm skiving now. 

Focus: California family spends a year volunteering, traveling and homeschooling their kids: 6 months in South America and 6 months in the Mediterranean
My thoughts: If you thought, "We can't do that," then read this blog.

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