May 5, 2010

Drinks in Ghana: Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic

A Short Note on 2 Alcoholic Drinks in Ghana

Akpeteshie: Distilled from sugar cane, this fiery, clear liquid can be found all over Ghana in plastic water bottles or larger vats sitting in ramshackle roadside shacks. It is often used to pour libation at a ceremony where upon a few drops are sprinkled or poured on the ground to appease the Gods.

Palm Wine, as the name may suggest, is the fermented liquid that is “tapped” from felled palm trees and, therefore, is sold fresh throughout southern Ghana where palm trees grow. A hole is bored in the tree for the juice to escape. The juice is left to ferment and then drunk.

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  1. I'm not familiar with Ghana's Alcoholic Beverages like the one's you mention, Gayle. Are there other alcoholic beverages there? Like beer or vodka of some kind? I am currently taking my Basset Certification and I like to know more about alcoholic drinks as much as possible.


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