July 22, 2010

Affordable International Volunteer Program

This is an introduction to the YPWC International Volunteer Programme

Are you looking for an affordable opportunity to volunteer in Africa or Ghana?

YPWC is one of the most affordable organizations with which to undertake volunteer or internship projects in Ghana. YPWC's main focus is to design programmes that empower youth and advise them on how to implement action projects successfully. Successful volunteer applicants either fill vacancies or support staff in working in a variety of areas.
The areas you will volunteer in with YPWC:
  • Youth migration and development
  • Youth MDGs Programme
  • Climate Change
  • Connecting North and South schools/Youth Groups
  • Website marketing
  • Proposal writing
  • Book Project series

The YPWC volunteer/internship programme builds participants’ capacity in leadership skills, proposal and report writing, training and facilitation skills. Volunteers/Interns will also be exposed to research on migration and development, Millennium Development Goals and HIV/AIDS.

YPWC staff and volunteers work together to provide support in implementing community service projects. Volunteers are encouraged to be proactive and entrepreneurial to develop their own projects and programmes that are related to the broad vision and mission of YPWC.

We ensure that our volunteers are provided with comprehensive information concerning living in Ghana and do our best to make your volunteer experience in Ghana a period of excitement whilst you try to make an impact on the life of people and communities.

Who is eligible to volunteer?
Volunteers are 18 years and older, and there is no upper age limit for participation in the YPWC International Volunteer programme. Volunteers range from undergraduate/ college students to professionals, business students, filmmakers and photographers, social workers, teachers and educators.

YPWC welcomes volunteers who may not have previous youth or community development experience. Volunteers receive all necessary orientation from YPWC so that they are able to work effectively and produce quality results on their assignments.

For more information on our International Volunteering Programme, including how to apply, visit:
More info on YPWC volunteering
and more here too

As a bonus, anyone who arrives to volunteer with YPWC will get a free copy of our Ghana travel guide and the MP3 files. If you come to volunteer in Kumasi, you'll find the Twi language files very useful because Twi is the main language spoken in Kumasi.

You can email the founder of YPWC directly with inquiries to michael@ypwc.org !

We look forward to meeting you in Ghana.

Have you volunteered in Ghana before? Are you thinking of volunteering? What areas are you most interested in volunteering in?

Download the YPWC brochure here.

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