July 1, 2010

Ghana V Uruguay 2 July 2010

Is it possible?

I have this rather Medieval notion that if I write my hopes about something, then the something will not happen. You could say I am a superstitious type.

So, I'm not going to write about what I hope will happen, tomorrow night, in South Africa, when Ghana's Blackstars play Uruguay.

I'm not going to write how the hopes of an entire continent are hanging on the unpredictable trajectory of two cubic feet of leather and air.

But, oh how that leather and air seems to unite an entire continent (while dividing an entire stadium)!

A continent that could do with a little magic and laughter and reason to sing and dance and cheer and jubilate.

I've no doubt that even if that thing I'm hoping will happen (that I'm too Medieval to mention) doesn't actually happen, an entire continent will be singing and dancing and cheering and adoring those that made brilliant efforts this far in the quest to direct two foot square of leather and air into a space called the goal.

Good luck--they who should not be named--because all of Africa, and many destinations beyond, are behind you.

Let the Stars be Black tomorrow night!


  1. Well!!! with GOD all things are possible....

    I wish Black Star good luck and may Lord be with them ....

  2. You said it Hammah--which makes it OK!


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